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All-Flash and Hybrid Storage

HPE Alletra 9000

Shed the complexity and silos inherent in conventional hybrid cloud environments with category-defining cloud-native data infrastructure that delivers a cloud operating and consumption experience wherever data lives. Stop managing infrastructure — and start simply accessing and utilizing it, as a service and on demand.

Is your enterprise class storage holding you back because you are tied down administering, tuning, and supporting infrastructure? Are you looking to shift from managing disparate clouds to a cloud everywhere experience with the same agility, simplicity, and cloud consumption for every application?

HPE Alletra is a edge-to-core portfolio designed to deliver the cloud experience wherever data lives. For mission-critical workloads, HPE Alletra 9000 delivers extreme latency sensitivity and reliability. It enables IT to shift from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simply accessing and utilizing it on-demand and as-a-service. Built on a unique, massively parallel, multi-node, and all-active platform, HPE Alletra 9000 consolidates traditional and next-generation mission-critical applications at scale with predictable performance and ultra-low latency, backed by a 100% availability guarantee. [1]

What's new

  • Eliminate complexity by unifying infrastructure management silos under a cloud managed single pane of glass, accessible from anywhere and from any device
  • Developed from the foundation of HPE Primera’s architecture, proven to deliver ultra-low latency with 75% of I/O within 250 ?s latency [2]
  • Delivers performance density with All-NVMe for over 2 million IOPs in 4U [3]
  • Designed for extreme availability requirements with 100% availability guaranteed as a standard benefit without requiring a special contract [1]
  • Meet every service level agreement with synchronous replication for RPO zero and transparent failover for RTO zero through Active Peer Persistence
  • Eliminate forklift upgrades and enjoy non-disruptive controller upgrades, flat support pricing, and flexible consumption options



  • Predict and prevent disruptions across storage, services, and virtual machines, resulting in savings of over 1.5 million hours of lost productivity due to downtime.
  • Redefine support experience with predictive support automation that delivers an unprecedented support experience with no escalations and direct access to resources.
  • Pinpoint issues between storage and VMs and underutilized virtual resources without effort.
  • Take the guesswork out of managing data infrastructure with AI-driven recommendations that improves performance, drives higher availability, and optimizes resource utilization and planning.

Built for Cloud

  • Setup in minutes because systems are automatically discovered, on-boarded, and configured.
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming, LUN-centric provisioning with AI-driven, intent-based provisioning of application workloads on infrastructure best suited for optimizing SLAs.
  • Experience faster access to innovation with no disruptions because new features and enhancements are instantly available through self-service upgrades.
  • Manage from anywhere with simple global management driven through a SaaS-based user experience.


  • Consume data infrastructure as a service via HPE Greenlake, eliminating up front capital costs with a pay-per-use model.
  • Shift from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to simple accessing and utilizing it on-demand.
  • Free up your cash flow and increase financial agility with the right mix of subscription and consumption-based services.

Affordable Application Acceleration

  • The HPE MSA 2062 Storage is capable of delivering over 325,000 IOPS for affordable application acceleration for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Save 32% on HPE MSA 2062 with all-inclusive software and 3.84 TB of Solid State Drive (SSD) capacity included.

MSA’s 'Set and Forget' Data Services Does not Require a Dedicated Storage Administrator to Manage

  • The HPE MSA 2062 Storage is easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, even for an IT generalist. Administrators will find the HPE MSA 2062’s new Storage Management Utility intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • HPE MSA’s automated tiering engine dynamically responds to workload changes so you don’t have to, insuring the hottest data will be moved to the fastest media automatically and in real-time.

Leverage Data Protection Features to Keep your Business Running in the Event of a Disaster

  • The HPE MSA 2062 Storage delivers virtualized snapshot technology making data protection and instant recovery a snap.
  • Remote replication via Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI facilitates affordable disaster recovery solution.
  • Encrypted SSDs and HDDs with local key management can be deployed to deliver a secure, encrypted hybrid flash array.

Flexible, Modular Architecture that Facilitates Growth into the Future

  • The HPE MSA 2062 Storage solution supports a mixture of 3.5 inch LFF and 2.5 inch SFF 2060 expansion drive enclosures for a maximum of 9 enclosures (10 in total including the array).
  • Start small and scale as needed with any combination of SSDs, Enterprise SAS or MidLine SAS HDDs.


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