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StorMagic_image File Storage and Object Storage

StorMagic SvSAN with HPE Servers

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StorMagic makes virtual SANs simple for edge computing to provide a lightweight alternative to overly complex storage deployments. The product, SvSAN, is designed for large organizations with thousands of sites and companies running small datacenters that require a highly available, two-server solution that is simple, cost-effective, and flexible.

Key Features:

  • HPE has expanded the solutions offered for high availability storage at the edge by adding StorMagic SvSAN to its portfolio of products
  • Simple High Availability SAN at the Edge
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible
HPE_StoreEasy_Storage File Storage and Object Storage

HPE StoreEasy Storage

Flexible, affordable file storage appliances and gateways for small and midsize businesses plus the branch offices of distributed organisations.



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